Senso Optics is a leader in the design, development and production of innovative thermal imaging
technologies and advanced electro-optical solutions for military, law enforcement and security
Senso Optics offers a wide range of targeting and visual information solutions for day and night
missions. Its products can be easily customized and integrated into a variety of systems or operated
as stand-alone units. Product lines include: Multi-sensor sights, fire control systems, hand held and
vehicle mounted thermal imaging cameras, thermal upgrade kits, CCD cameras, border and strategic
infrastructure monitoring solutions; thermal vision helmets for fire fighters and search & rescue
units, as well as, thermal sensors and a wide range of thermal lenses.
The company invests extensively in R&D and in advancing product maturity, while maintaining strict
QA and environmental policies.
Senso Optics is committed to remaining at the forefront of thermal vision technology and being a
leader in visual information and targeting solutions for the defense, commercial and homeland
security (HLS) markets.