SensoDrive P

SensoDrive-P – Periscopic Thermal Driver Vision System

for Enhanced Vision System (EVS) safe taxing,

takeoff & landing of aircrafts

A panoramic night driving system equipped with a thermal imaging camera and designed to provide tanks and APCs with night driving capability at the harsh conditions of military operations.



  • All weather driving capability
  • Panoramic viewing system
  • High Resolution image on screen
  • Quick mounted on various platforms

Designed to fit small spaces of almost any armed vehicle, SensoDrive-P allows combat driving through hostile environment. SensoDrive-P provides a panoramic wide angle of view to allow the driver a realistic perspective of the route and objects. SensoDrive-P enabling covert entrance into a danger zone, even in total darkness and allows protected passage through fog, smoke and dust. SensoDrive-P comprises a military grade thermal (IR) camera fit into a small periscope with a wide field of view that helps the driver maintain situational awareness without being exposed to threats. SensoDrive-P complies with Mil-Std-810 and is nitrogen-filled and sealed, maintaining image clarity under the harshest operational conditions.

SensoDrive-P is equipped with Senso-Optics unique real time image processing algorithms that prevent glare by fire or heat radiant sources.
SensoDrive-P allows the driver to navigate between burning objects at night with the same ease as in normal daytime operations. A display screen provides the driver with superb panoramic vision both in day and night operations. SensoDrive-P is extremely effective for driving under armor in armored-Personnel-Carriers (APCs), armored-Fighting-Vehicles (AFVs) and Tanks

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